A group of companies proposes to create a microclimate with artificial means and thus avoid the fog in the black stretch of the A-8


Fomento has spent nearly a year probing the innovative ideas of companies and individuals to eliminate or mitigate the dense fog that, especially in the central months of the year, affects a section of the Cantabrian motorway (A-8) at the top of O Fiouco (698 meters of altitude), in the surroundings of Mondoñedo. This process has now officially closed with 26 proposals that have reached the required level of development, according to the latest document that the General Direction of Roads manages. The majority of these proposals are already known and are located in three technological axes: ideas that improve signaling and road safety, those that choose to cover the road as protection against fog and those that choose to eliminate it through different techniques.

Among the six new proposals is one of a group of companies - Audeca, Alvac, Euroestudios and Visever - that aspires to an objective in principle complex: to modify the climatic conditions of the section affected, something that also propose other participants although not of a form so ambitious The four firms are joining forces in a project to create a "microclimate", installing several air-conditioning stations at regular intervals to cool and then heat the air. This would give "an air at a temperature similar to the ambient temperature, but with a low relative humidity". This process is completed with two lateral structures that generate a virtual tunnel and with jet fans to ensure that the treated air is distributed along the roadway.

This virtual tunnel solution is also proposed by Artabria Business Services, which has designed a system of walls or panels on both sides of the highway to prevent heat leakage. Their system consists in eliminating fog "by heating the air, water, steam or gas mixture".

The warming of the area most affected by the fog - the section between km 541 and 549 - also inspires another of the ideas incorporated at the last minute. It is the company Nartex Consulting, which had already presented a model of detection of vehicles that warns of its proximity with LED lights located on the sides of the road. Now it complements this road safety solution by installing towers "with solar energy reflection equipment" called heliostats. These devices promote «pre-heating of the road before the appearance of fog». It is also possible to act when the mass of haze from the sea is already positioned on the road, increasing the temperature "and causing its elimination or at least its elevation".


Now Fomento will proceed to prepare the specification for what it calls a pre-commercial public purchase, scheduled for this year, consisting of creating different prototypes that will be tested in situ in several locations near the area most affected by the fog.

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